LINXS Training Institute of Los Angeles

A critical element of LINXS Inclusivity Program is the establishment of the LINXS Training Institute of LA. The Institute is comprised of eight learning and opportunity tracks, including mentoring programs, technical and operational support, on-the-job training for all workers, skills assessment and career advancement, professional development and retention, training for the community-at-large, youth engagement and recidivism prevention.

Track 1 - Mentoring Programs: LINXS supports certified firms through a customized mentoring program offered quarterly during the construction period. To sign up for information about these programs, fill out the LINXS Notice of Interest form here.

Track 2 - Technical and Operational Support: LINXS provides a series of technical training courses for certified firms on various business topics.

Track 3 - On-the-Job Training for Workers: LINXS offers both craft and office workers opportunities for optional professional and soft skills trainings.

Track 4 - Skills Assessment and Career Advancement: Working with our Inclusivity team, craft workers can develop a career plan. After requesting assistance from our Workforce Development team, workers receive skills assessments and personalized instruction materials to help advance their skill set.

Track 5 - Professional Development and Retention: LINXS identifies and addresses employment barriers by using a 360-degree approach to track placed local workers, disadvantaged workers, veterans and apprentices.

Track 6 - Training for the Community-at-Large: LINXS develops and implements training opportunities for community members and organizations that supplement vocational education and apprenticeship programs.

Track 7 - Youth Engagement and K-12 Mentoring: By supporting existing age-appropriate STEM teaching modules for local schools and after-school programs, LINXS can help educate youth and recent graduates about careers in engineering and construction.

Track 8 - Recidivism Prevention: LINXS provides opportunities and information about careers in construction to at-risk persons through working with leading anti-recidivism organizations that provide life skills training like 2nd Call, New Earth and the Anti-Recidivism Coalition.

For more information about subcontracting and workforce opportunities, contact the LINXS Inclusivity team at