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How can I get a job with LINXS?
To learn more about LINXS employment opportunities, email

How can I get a subcontract with LINXS?
Please fill out our Notice of Interest form. To follow-up about the status of your form, please email

Is there a local hire requirement for the Automated People Mover (APM) project?
There is a 30% local hire requirement on the APM project during the design and construction phase During the operations and maintenance of the APM project, the local hire requirement is 60%.


Where can I find information about traffic impacts due to LAX improvements?
Construction advisories are posted to LAWA’s website:

How can I provide feedback about construction?
Call or email the LAX Construction Hotline.
Phone: 310-649-LAWA (5292)

Where are the train cars being assembled?
The final assembly of the APM300 cars will be at the manufacturer’s facility in Pittsburgh, PA.

When will the Automated People Mover (APM) train be ready for public ridership?
The APM will be fully operational in 2023.


Will the Automated People Mover train be free to ride?
Yes, there is no cost for airport users.

How often will the People Mover train run? Is there a train schedule?
During peak travel hours (9AM to 11PM), the APM trains will arrive at a station every two minutes. End-to-end (from the Consolidated Rent-A-Car Facility to the West CTA Station) the ride is 10 minutes.

Will the People Mover be pre-Airport security? Can I check my bags before getting on the train?
The APM is pre-security. LAWA is currently exploring the feasibility of checking bags at remote locations. At this time, travelers will still be responsible for carrying their own bags.

Can I still drive my personal vehicle in to the Central Terminal Area (CTA) once the People Mover is built?
At this time, personal vehicles will still be allowed to drive into the CTA. The only vehicles that will no longer have access in 2023 are rental car shuttles, as shuttles will no longer be needed once the Consolidated Rent-A-Car Facility opens.

Will the Automated People Mover trains and the stations ADA accessible?
Yes, the Automated People Mover trains and stations will be ADA accessible. Stations feature both elevators and escalators, while trains have wide doors and level boarding for easy access.

Does every LAX terminal have direct People Mover station access?
At this time, there will be pedestrian bridges connecting travelers from the Central Terminal Area terminals to many of the stations directly, and some indirectly. The West CTA Station connects to Tom Bradley International and Terminals 2 and 4, the Center CTA Station connects to Terminals 1.5, 2, 5 and 6, and the West CTA Station connects to Terminals 7 and 8.

What existing airport People Mover system is most comparable to the design of the LAX APM system?
The Phoenix Sky Harbor is the most similar APM to LAX.  The main difference will be the APM300 car is replacing the PHX APM200 car.

Can I board the People Mover train from any station, or are there restrictions on ridership?
Passengers can board the People Mover train from any station.

How loud will the train be?  
The rubber wheeled train will be about the same noise level as a vacuum cleaner.

Who is in charge of public safety and enforcement to protect travelers and the airport on and around the train?
Trains and stations will have security cameras and be under 24/7 surveillance. AED machines, public announcement systems, fire alarms and sprinkler systems will also be in place. LAX Airport Police will have a presence at all new facilities.

What are the projected reductions to vehicular traffic in the area/in the CTA once the People Mover train is online and/or projected ridership?
It is anticipated that the Consolidated Rent-A-Car facility will eliminate over 3,200 shuttle trips a day to/from the terminal area and surrounding streets by consolidating individual rental car operations into one location. Approximately 27% reduction in traffic during peak hours within the terminal area (2035). Off-airport traffic would improve at 30 intersections located closest to LAX (2035).

Vehicle Miles Travelled Reduction
2024:  117,000 per day; approximately 42.7 million annually
2035:  345,000 per day; approximately 126 million annually

    Will there be bike storage at People Mover stations, and are bikes allowed aboard the People Mover?
    APM employees will have access to bicycle facilities at the Maintenance and Storage Facility. The Intermodal Transportation Facility – West and Consolidated Rent-A-Car Facilities will also feature some bike storage.


    How do I submit a media inquiry about the Automated People Mover train system?
    Newsroom inquiries should be emailed to

    Reporters working on a deadline may contact the LINXS Communications Manager, Laura Ware, by phone: 949.420.5076.