Workforce Development at LINXS

LINXS has partnered with LAWA to create a legacy of meaningful careers for Los Angeles residents on the Automated People Mover project. LINXS is establishing a local workforce representative of the community’s diversity by committing to identifying and assisting under-represented individuals. The LINXS Workforce Development Coordinator works to connect individuals to construction opportunities on the project and to assist subcontractors in identifying candidates.

Additionally, LINXS is maximizing our local economic impact by committing to hire 30% of the workforce locally. The table below outlines local zip codes stipulated in the Project Labor Agreement.

The foundation of LINXS’ Workforce Development Plan is the community itself and the network of union and grassroots partners with whom we work with to recruit and train local workers. By leveraging strong relationships with like-minded community organizations, LINXS is creating professional development opportunities for the community.